Meet our amazing team of experienced yoga instructors!



Alexis came to yoga as a passionate marathon runner and now splits her time between running and yoga.

With her yoga roots in power yoga, Alexis has also trained with David Kyle and Steve Pyka in the rocket vinyasa system. She’s done additional training in yin and yoga sculpt. Alexis has over 7 years and 3,000 hours of yoga instruction.

Alexis loves the creative freedom available in both the rocket and power practices. She encourages her students to invite that same playfulness and exploration into their own practices. Alexis strives to create a practice space where students can come and practice as they are. You can expect an adaptable and energetic flow, precise cueing, and helpful verbal assists.



“Hard work will always beat talent when talent fails to work hard.” Ahmed can be frequently seen doing handstands and arm balances all over the city, most especially in Lululemon Athletica in Georgetown and Tysons Corner, where he is a brand ambassador.

Although his forte is in inversions, Ahmed has a strong background in various kinds of yoga including but not limited to: Bikram, Ashtanga, Baptiste, Power Vinyasa and Rocket. Ahmed completed his 200 hour teacher training through Corepower Yoga in April of 2014 and his Rocket yoga teacher training in October of 2014 through Little River Yoga with David C. Kyle. He also teaches creative classes such as yoga with weights, inversion and arm balance workshops and boot camp style classes.

Ahmed has a very athletic background that includes Mixed Martial Arts, soccer, golf, running and cycling and practices yoga with prominent instructors such as Carson Calhoun, Irene Pappas, Mimi Rieger and David C. Kyle. He not only focuses on the physical aspect of yoga, but he also appreciates and practices the spiritual side of yoga. He meditates regularly and always keeps a regular mindful personal practice.

Ahmed enjoys teaching multi level classes because he likes to instill strong basics with students and encourages them to progress. He focuses on teaching strong foundational skills and challenges even the most experienced students to push them to the next level.



Haley fell in love with yoga when she discovered you could strengthen and stretch all in one class, all while breaking a good sweat. Her specialty is fun, vibrant power-flow classes that help students build strength from the inside out. Laughter, sweat, and a bumpin’ playlist are signature of Haley’s classes.



Chuck has been teaching vinyasa style yoga classes since 2012 having been trained in Baptiste Power Vinyasa. Since his introduction and training in power yoga, he has dabbled in other asana (pose based) practices, giving him exposure to varied sequences and approaches to familiar poses. His experience in CrossFit as a coach and athlete informs his approach to teaching.  His rigorous led classes are challenging with the intent to lead students to discover the strength and stability their bodies are capable of producing.